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La conquête spatiale (compréhension de l'écrit)
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.icon_annales.png Questions sur un article de K. McCann paru dans « The Guardian » à propos d'une femme astronaute et mère américaine.

Sujet 20La conquête spatiale1 h

D’après Inde, avril 2011, Séries technologiques


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Compréhension de l’écrit

10 pts

DocumentSpace Mum


1 Write the correct answer. The narrator is:

a. an astronaut;

b. a journalist;

c. a psychologist.

2 Write the name of each of the following people:

a. the astronaut;

b. the child;

c. the astronaut’s husband.

3 Find information about the astronaut and write it down:

a. age;

b. physical appearance (two adjectives);

c. number of space missions before 2010.

4 Find a sentence in the text showing that the narrator was surprised when she met Cady. Write down the sentence. Give the line number.

5 What is the narrator’s opinion about Cady? Write the correct answer:

a. The narrator finds Cady ridiculous.

b. The narrator feels admiration.

c. The narrator thinks Cady is mad.

6 Match each paragraph with the appropriate title:



1. line 1 to line 7

2. line 8 to line 17

3. line 18 to line 27

4. line 28 to line 31

5. line 32 to line 39

6. line 40 to line 43                                       

a. Protecting Jamey

b. Accepting the dangers of the job

c. Cady’s unusual job

d. A specialist’s opinion on family commitment 

e. Making a conscious decision

f. Intense physical preparation

7 Say whether these statements are true or false. Justify your answers by quoting from the text. Give the line numbers.

a. Female astronauts are less numerous today than in the past.

b. Cady lives in a city.

c. Cady discussed the new mission with her family.

d. Cady thinks there are more dangerous jobs than being an astronaut.

e. It is difficult to preserve Jamey from the public.

f. Preparing for a mission only concerns the astronaut.

8 Choose the three adjectives which best correspond to Cady. Write them down.

unhealthy – enthusiastic – pessimistic – courageous – motivated – lazy

9 Write down the correct answer.

“If I’m not doing those things, I’m not sure I’m being as much of a mum as I could be” (l. 25-27) means that:

a. She wants to change her job in order to be a good mother.

b. Because of her job, she will never be a good mother.

c. She is a good mother because she enjoys her job.

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