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Le défi de choisir en couple un lieu de vie commun (compréhension de l'écrit)
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.icon_annales.png Questions sur un article du site du quotidien « The Telegraph » et sur un extrait du roman « Caribou Island » à propos du choix en couple d'un lieu de vie commun.

Sujet 4Le défi de choisir en couple un lieu de vie commun1 h

France métropolitaine, juin 2015, Séries technologiques


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Compréhension de l’écrit

10 pts

Doc. 1Why I hate living in the countryside


Doc. 2Starting from Scratch on an Isolated Island.

Gary and Irene are on an isolated island in Alaska where a cabin is being built.


1Doc. 1. a. Who do the underlined elements refer to?

1) “I recall clearly…” (l. 1)

2) “He then proceeded to drive …” (l. 2-3)

b. So, how are these two people related? Answer in your own words.

2Doc. 1. a. Copy the table and complete it with words from the text.


b. Choose the right adjective to complete each of the following sentences.

urban / rural

1) We can conclude that the first residence was ……………….

2) We can conclude that the second residence is ………………

3) What does Martin want to do with the second residence? Quote three elements.

3Doc. 1. Choose the right answer.

a. When they first visit the place,

1) the man loves it but the woman doesn’t.

2) the woman loves it but the man doesn’t.

3) the man and the woman both hate it.

4) the man and the woman both love it.

b. “Two years on, Martin has realized his dream. But I’ve realized that living in the country is like forcing myself to take a nine year-old to Alton Towers: very nice in theory, but in practice – get me out of here!” means

1) now she thinks it’s horrible and he thinks it’s great.

2) now they both think it’s wonderful.

3) now they both think it’s horrible.

4) now she thinks it’s great and he thinks it’s horrible.

4Doc. 1. Choose the right answer. The purpose of the text is to:

1) convince the readers to come and explore the countryside.

2) describe how her life has improved by living in the countryside.

3) explain the efforts she has made to become better integrated.

4) criticize the isolation and absence of culture in the countryside.

5Doc. 2. What is the relationship between Gary and Irene?

1) brother and sister 2) father and daughter

3) mother and son 4) husband and wife

6Doc. 2. Choose the right answer.

a. What are Irene and Gary doing?

1) visiting the completed house they will soon live in.

2) visiting the site where Gary has begun to build a home.

3) bringing essential equipment to their new home.

4) looking for a piece of land where to build their new home.

b. Gary or Irene? Copy the following table onto your paper and complete it with the appropriate numbers.

1) can do without an indoor bathroom.

2) thinks the cabin will never be comfortable enough.

3) wants running water in the house.

4) hasn’t thought about the roof yet.

5) thinks the cabin is big enough.

6) is confident the cabin will be a nice place to live.




c. Choose the right answer.

1) They both like the house. 2) They both hate the house.

3) Gary likes the house but Irene doesn’t. 4) Irene likes the house but Gary doesn’t.

7Doc. 1 et 2. Choose the right answer from the list below.

Find ONE title to apply to BOTH documents.

1) Going back home 2) Starting a new life

3) An English guest house 4) Renovating old farmhouses

5) Into the American wild

8Doc. 1 et 2. True or False? Justify your answer in your own words.

Both document 1 and document 2 are about women and men who share dreams.

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